Set Your Flight Schedule with Lion Air Indonesia Call Center

As the largest airline in Indonesia, We provide Lion Air call center  services  for kamu. We insist on providing the best service so that your flight runs smoothly.  Are youplanning a pilot schedule in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic that has not stopped?

Now planning a schedule can not only be done conventionally through the counter at the airport.  Through telephone media, everything can be arranged starting from bookings, arrangements, schedule rescedules, payments, and much more. Even kamu can also complain about problems if they occur at any time.

All this is done in order to maintain the comfort and safety of loyal customers using the service. So it doesn’t have to be everything done face-to-face. Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, all interface activities can only be done with a scale of restrictions.

It is difficult if you have to come to the airport to buy tickets for airplane  flights in the next few days. For that for your kawho wants to travel domestically or abroad. Arrange your flight schedule by contacting Lion Air Indonesia directly through the call center provided so that everything is faster, easier, and practical.

Book Flight Schedule Through Lion Air Call Center

The process of booking this ticket can be done anytime you want. Call our number according to the country kamu is located.  Here’s a list of numbers you cancall.

  1. Singapore : +6563391922
  2. Malaysia : +600378415333
  3. Indonesia : +622163798000
  4. Australia : +628041778899

Reservations can be made by ensuring jadwal destinations are still available through lion air call centers. Then youcan directly make payments through atm, bank, m-banking, or also i-banking. Once everything is done, try to see the booking details on our main page. Precisely on the booking menu the booking details.

You can directly enter the PNR booking code, and the personal data needed.  Do not be mistaken in entering the personal data.  For OR booking codes, and personal data is only valid for bookings through travel agents such as traveloka, bli bli, pegi pegi, and  so on.

Then click continue and everything will be displayed. Checking and seeing the status of the booking can be done easily. Even better, the service is not only limited to ordering online. You also have the right to book prepaid baggage, web check-in, rapid test, travel insurance, change schedule, payment, and refund application.

In this way all the processes related to the constraints that a busoccurs at any time. Can kamu process online without having to go to the airport counter or our nearest branch office. However, not all customers understand the function of each of these services. So it is better to understand the information.

Change Schedule or Reschedule Through Lion Air Call Center

You can change the flight schedule at will but must meet the conditions in advance. There are 4 options available, ranging from changing schedules via travel, lion sales office (sales office), lion group office, and call center. Make sure the booking code and personal data are correct to be processed.

The condition in question is that the process of submitting a change must be done a few hours before departure. For office offices at the airport, at least 2 hours before departure. While lion air call center  at least 4 jam before departure. Then kamu also have to make sure the ticket type can reschedule hours.

For example, promo tickets at certain events do not provide this rescheduling submission. You also can’t make arrangements if you have checked in at the airport in person or online. the closer the schedule, the more expensive the reschedule fee. Hence it is recommended to do it 3 days in advance.

If you need more information, just call 021-6379 8000 (Indonesia), +65 6339 1922 (Singapore), +60 0378415333 (Malaysia). You can immediately ask the ins and outs of how to change the complete schedule there. The cost of a flat phone depends on the operator used.

When it is difficult to contact the Lion Air call center. Just try to go to the nearest branch office, there are many branch offices in each region because we are asia’slargest airline. For management, youonly need to provide a booking code and then change the schedule as you wish. Additional payment fees have been adjusted.

More Affordable Prepaid Baggage

Not only limited to rearranging flight schedules. You can also get prepaid baggage. What is prepaid baggage? Prepaid baggage is a special service offered by our group.  Without having to take care of booking baggage directly at the airport. Everything is handled there.

It’s just that we arrange at least the booking process to be done 6 hours before departure. The price of more complete baggage can be seen on the main page from us. There is also a baggage price for wings air there. If you want to be more practical, just ask the Lion Air call center  to be clear.

Then how is the process to order it? It’s easy, just enter the prepaid baggage menu on the booking menu. Enter the booking code and personal data in full. Then choose which baggage is needed. Payment can be made directly by copy pasting virtual banking transactions.

It didn’t take long for the process. As long as the transaction is complete, the baggage is ready. There is no need to make a booking directly. You just have to enter the airport by directly delivering luggage to the officer. All items will be taken care of by the officer and placed according to order through the Lion Air call center.

There is a Cheap Rapid Test Service of 95,000 Only

You can also get the Rapid covid 19 test method here. Simply by paying 95,000 alone, the health test process can be done. It has been given a recommendation by the government. It is clear that the service provided through this rapid is guaranteed. Cheap prices with qualified quality remain our flagship.

You can do the test without having to go to the health center. Just come to lion air medika clinic and health facilities that are already available throughout Indonesia. The operating hours of each region are different. So as well asself-inflicted according to your needs.  Rapid ordering can be made at once purchased or after.

By directly contacting our contacts, kamu can get tickets and rapids at once. However, after buying a ticket do not expect to be able to buy it through phone booking. Further terms of provisions can be obtained by directly logging in to our main website.

For reactive passengers can get a refund ticket without being charged a discount (fullfare). But the condition must be accompanied by a photo or scan of the rapid test test. Passengers can book tickets back when they are healthy or covid-free. Conversely, non-reactive passengers can immediately travel.

There are still many facilities provided by us as the largest airline in Indonesia. You can get more information by logging into the website or making contact viaemail. If you are still confused, kamu also has the right to ask everything through lion air indonesia call center  or locally.





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